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Dianetics : The Modern Science of Mental Health

By: L. Ron Hubbard Series: Dianetics & Scientology

Dianetics : The Modern Science of Mental Health (Hardcover)

"Dianetics" is not some positive-thinking fad or feel-better-quick scheme. It is the most powerful and effective book on the human mind ever published. While other self-help titles come and go, "Dianetics" has stood the test of time for over fifty-six years for one reason: It works. Pioneering in its concepts and techniques, L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics" explains how people's lives are adversely affected by the single source of all of t...heir problems, stress, unhappiness and self-doubt - it is called the "reactive mind." And "Dianetics" gets rid of the reactive mind. It is the only thing that does. With "Dianetics", one can regain self-confidence, eliminate psychosomatic illnesses, abandon fears and obsessions, put an end to negative thoughts and unwanted feelings, and be himself again.Even with the vast amounts of technology and science available to man, many have felt powerless to stop the decay and decline seen all around us: families torn by drug abuse; broken marriages; the decline of our cities and neighborhoods; the rise of illiteracy; the destruction of the environment; and the threat of war.The self-improvement techniques in "Scientology:

The Fundamentals of Thought" are based on practicality and workability in handling the problems people encounter in their daily lives, and in this book you will discover new and effective principles to make dramatic changes in your life and the world around you. The book details a series of landmark principles and techniques that include: the laws of understanding and how to use them to improve communication with others; the three primary conditions of existence that constitute life and how these affect a person's ability to enjoy it; the anatomy of problems and how to resolve them; and the eight basic urges in life and how to use them to live life the way you want to.

About the Author:

L. Ron Hubbard's remarkable writing career spanned more than half a century of intense literary achievement and creative influence.Astonishingly prolific, he produced more than 550 published works of fiction and nonfiction. These ranged broadly in literary genres from action/adventure, western, mystery and suspense to science fiction and fantasy, and in subject areas of enduring social, cultural and philosophical significance from self-improvement and the spiritual, ethical and moral nature of man to education, drug treatment and rehabilitation, and business management, among others.Though he was first and foremost a writer, his life experiences and travels in all corners of the globe were wide and diverse. His insatiable curiosity and personal belief that one should live life as a professional led to a lifetime of extraordinary accomplishment. He was also an explorer and ethnologist, mariner, pilot, filmmaker, photographer, philosopher, educator, composer and musician.

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