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How I Learned To Fly

By: R. L. Stine Series: Goosebumps - the Horror Series

Children & Teens Fantasy , Science & Horror
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They're baa-ack! Make way for the bestselling children's series of all time. With a fresh new look, Goosebumps is set to scare a whole new generation of kids. So reader beware you're in for a scare. He's got his head in the clouds for real. Wilson Schlame loves to make Jack Johnson feel like a total loserand Jack's had it. That's how he ended up down at the beach. In a creepy, old abandoned house. In the dark. Trying to hide from Wilson, but everything is about to change. Because Jack just du...g up the coolest book. It's called Flying Lessons. It tells how humans can learn to fly. Poor Jack. He wanted to get back at Wilson, but now that Jack's learned how to fly, things down on earth are getting really scary.

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