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By: V. P. Kale

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It is possible that you know some of the stories and events mentioned herein. And at the same time, it is but natural that you are not aware of the experiences I have gone through on a personal level. I also agree that it is not possible to put all my experiences in words. But still I would like to share some of the personal experiences which have the potential of some social cause or the other. I find it my duty to present these experiences before you. Actually, every human being who lives his ...or her life with open eyes and mind possesses such experiences, but not everybody takes the initiative to make them public. To be frank, you do not have to be born as an author to be able to share your experiences. Some of the experiences themselves have the immense strength of touching the minds, capturing the society; they do not need any so called author to put them into words. You do not have to take any trouble to be a writer, such experience itself starts flowing down in the form of writing. At the end, I would just suggest one thing; do not get tangled in the feelings, just keep in your mind that you want to be happy, the words will automatically follow. Va Pu.

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