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Follow Every Rainbow

By: Rashmi Bansal

Entrepreneurship by women is still considered as a taboo in some sections of the Indian Society. While there are numerous such hurdles for women, Follow Every Rainbow presents us with the stories of 25 women who fought their way through difficulties and achieved their dreams. Juggling family responsibilities, these 25 women entrepreneurs have proved that women though being different from men, can be equally successful. Follow Every Rainbow is divided into three sections named Lakshmi, Saraswati ...and Durga, each representing unique women power. The section Lakshmi is devoted to entrepreneurs, who with the support of their family achieved success and also made it a point to not compromise family over work. The section Durga is about women who had to fight all hindrances that came in their way and had to battle for their dreams. The last section, Saraswati consists of the stories of educated women entrepreneurs. Ela Bhatt, Neeti Tah, Namrata Sharma, Patricia Narayan, Leela Bordia, Jasu Shilpi and Meena Bindra are some of the women entrepreneurs whose success stories are included in the book. Follow Every Rainbow inspires with every story and presents us with unique lessons that stay with us through a lifetime. The book was published by Westland on 4th March, 2013 and is available in paperback.

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