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VaPu 85

By: V. P. Kale

Fiction General Fiction
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My Dear Va Pu; Whenever we read your stories we feel that we are not reading them, you are telling them and we are listening to them. All your stories reveal the journey of Marathi literature; they show the ups and downs, the waves, the turns throughout the journey. Your story takes a short break at every mile-stone, looks back and then continues its journey once again, with a new vitality.

Dear Va Pu; your narratives are the most senile yet the latest. They do not abandon the traditions nor do... they exclude the newest trends. Your storylines do not have the force of the waterfall, nor do they resemble the fathomless sea, neither do they resemble the rivers making their banks fertile. They flow like a stream, gently, rhythmically, capturing the minds, hypnotizing them.

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