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By: V. P. Kale

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A few questions in life like, 'Is the king in the game of chess a real one?' 'Are the fairies in the tales real?', 'Do the characters in a drama really exist?' These all are very simple questions, yet we are not able to find out the meaning behind them or to find suitable answers to them. We need to lead our life through many experiences, good and bad; many moments of happiness and sadness; we have to face a lot, problems and solutions; we need to recognize the people wrapped in their own worlds...; people of all mentalities, good and bad, wise and unwise, practical and impractical, we have to know them, be with them, analyse them and then we are able to judge them; that to not completely.

In this world nobody can judge anybody totally. This book presents the story of many practical and dreamy people; they will surely capture your minds.

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