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By: V. P. Kale

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Thousands of years ago, there lived a tribe by the name Bowl, we should not actually use the word tribe as they were a group of people. The word Bowl was derived from the original Sanskrit word "vaatul' meaning hurricane or gale or whirlwind. The base of this group was love, love and only love. They knew no other feelings like ego, selfishness, hatred, competition or envy. Their mind with its vitality was the God for them settled in the temple formed by the boundaries of their individual bodies.... Naturally, they never needed any abode outside, they did not find it essential to search and worship the God anywhere else. The nature along with the trees, streams and rivers were their God. They had no foe. Sometimes they used cry a lot, all of a sudden.

When asked about the reason, they used to answer that 'this limitless sky, the vast ocean, the ranges of mountains everything is created by the supreme power. We were born later; the supreme power conferred upon us the gift of all the sensory organs to enjoy these creations. Sometimes, we are unable to tolerate the goodness of the supreme power and then we cry.' Today, the world not only walks but runs on all the six evil spirits in our life except love. This book has the base of 'Beloved' by Osho, with just one feeling in my mind. I wanted to make the readers aware of those thoughts which have captured my mind, which have hypnotized me in a way.

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