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3001 The Final Odyssey

By: Arthur C. Clark Series: Space Odyssey Series

Fiction Fantasy & Science
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"A fascinating picture of our future: cities atop needlelike towers that extend into space, the colonization of Venus, the pacification of humanity, and the abolition of religion." --Newsweek It is the world first introduced in 2001: A Space Odyssey. And now the odyssey enters its perilous ultimate stage. In 3001, the human race, incredibly, h... more ?as survived, fearful of the trio of monoliths that dominate the solar system. Then a single hope flickers. The body of Frank Poole, believed for a thousand years, is recovered from the frozen reaches of the galaxy. Restored to conscious life, Poole readies himself to resume the voyage that HAL abruptly terminated a millenium ago. He knows he can't proceed without Dave Bowman. But first he must fathom the terrifying truth of what Bowman--and HAL--have become inside the monolith . . .

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