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Stardust-Magic In The Air

By: Linda Chapman Series: Stardust by Linda Chapman

Children & Teens Fantasy, Science & Horror
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Nine-year-old Lucy has recently discovered that she is a stardust spirit and now has a new magical nighttime existence in which she and her friends Allegra, Faye and Ella fly through the woods using their magic to save the animals and environment.

This summer Allegra is keen to practise her higher magic of creating a magic shield - she wants to be as powerful a spirit as she possibly can! Allegra knows the best way is to practise with her friends but when the four girls fall out not only does... their magic suffer but they are in danger of neglecting a rare buzzard they are meant to be protecting from humans. It's up to Allegra to get everyone back together!

The third of four books about friendships and family relationships, weaving fantasy seamlessly into the everday world.

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