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Khush Kharedi

By: Shankar Patil

Fiction Humor
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The title itself suggests the meaning; something that was sold and bought simultaneously without any compulsion or obligation. Babu was going deeper down the hell. He was under obligation to pay the amount of ten thousand that he had taken as loan from Tavanappa and now was unable to repay it. It was a custom in their village to solve their disputes mutually. Hence a few wise heads sat together and found out a solution. It was decided that Tavanappa would be the new owner of the Babu's hotel and... would in fact give Babu two thousand rupees in return. Babu agreed to this and detached himself completely from all the things that were the part of his hotel 'Swalpaviram'.

While Babu opened another hotel close by, Tavanappa started regulating the business at Swalpaviram. When a few days past after this transaction, someone put an idea into Tavanappa's mind saying that he was entitled to receive everything that was under the roof of the hotel, including the beautiful woman!

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