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Shevatchi Ladhaai

By: Anand Yadav

Award Winning Award Winning
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Winner of 'Maharashtra Rajya Puraskar' (2001-02)

This is the third collection of its type by Mr. Yadav.? The humour in this collection takes a different turn from the previous two collections.? The political and social aspects have taken a different turn during these 50 years.? They have created a controversy among themselves.? The author shades a light with a sarcastic and satirical note.? The common man who is the subject of all the stories is fallen a prey in the hands of the corrupted soc...ial life, the selfish and scheming minds of the politicians, the opportunists, the greedy government servants, the so called? cosmopolitan ladies lost in the shallow images of beauty and false status, the drunkards and the terrible attitude of the society. In this book, the author is not playing the role of an entertainer, but that of a commentator who is trying to bring the real picture of this spoiled Marathi people.? He does this with a tinge of sarcasm to the humour.? The humour succeeds in making us happy but not least is the tinge of satire which does make us look at things from a different angle.? It makes us think about it inwardly. We must appreciate the uniqueness of this collection.

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