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How To Profit From Technical Analysis

By: Rajiv D. Khatlawala

Business & Management Business & Economics
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Confused by all the talk of charts, trends, breakouts, etc., in the media? Beset by the nagging feeling you might be missing out on something useful for your investing and trading success? Worried that technical analysis may be too difficult and "technical" for you? That it's only for the experts or professionals? Indeed you can profit from technical analysis whether you are a trader or an investor. And, the basic principles and techniques are easy enough to understand and apply as this book you: How to determine whether the market is in an uptrend or down trend or if the ongoing trend might be about to change Price patterns that indicate the continuation of a trend and those which signify an impending trend reversal How to profitably trade and invest using the basic techniques and tools of technical analysis Step-by-step application of technical analysis explained through detailed examples of stocks, derivatives, commodities and indices How long term investors can profit from technical analysis. Technical analysis holds that the market is always right. This clearly-written beginner guide shows how you can profit from what the market is telling you.

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