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Cross Our Hearts

By: Mary Kate And Ashley Series: Sweet 16 Series

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Mary-Kate and Ashley resolve to be more like each other in this great Sweet Sixteen story.

Ashley resolves to be more active and assertive, just like Mary-Kate, while Mary-Kate decides to be more helpful, just like Ashley!

Mary-Kate offers to make a special dinner for Dad and some guests, while Ashley sets up a school website based on matchmaking.

To demonstrate what a great matchmaker she is, she sets up a double date with Farrell and Malcolm (who she thinks are made for each other) and hers...elf and her new boyfriend, Aaron (who is really cute!).

But it turns out Farrell is really interested in Aaron maybe Ashley isnt as good a matchmaker as she thinks!

Meanwhile Mary-Kate is finding that preparing a gourmet meal is harder than she thought is the smoke alarm supposed to go off when you try to cook?

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