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The Leader Who Had No Title

By: Robin Sharma

The Leader Who had no Title in its title actually refers to those mammoths, giants of innovation who managed to create a system that related to breakthroughs and results more than anything else. Sharma lays bare these very processes and shares with readers the formula that turned him into one of the most formidable leadership advisors across the Fortune 500 world.

Written with a structured narrative in place, the book follows Blake through conversations with four diverse and unorthodox leaders.... Each of these leaders arent honored so in the conventional domain but the principles they bring out certainly prove otherwise. For Sharma, the title doesnt prove leadership but courage does. The transformation is a arduous albeit rewarding process that is detailed and communicated clearly through the book.

He shirks aside the downfalls of position and status and primes readers into recognizing the beauty of attitude, inventiveness and perseverance. He places the risks and perils of the economic downturn at a premium and shows to readers the possibilities that lay in identifying opportunities instead.

The book ploys the machinery behind democratization of the qualities inherent in leadership. Empowerment is the key that Sharma espouses in this book where he places the buck on every worker in the chain of any enterprise. Defeating stress, maintaining energy and building indestructible will along with tips to manage a healthy personal life are all points of concern that are dealt with effectively by Sharma in his offering.

The Leader Who had no Title opened to both commercial and critical acclaim. It is an international bestseller that has gone on to become a top business book. It has received rave reviews by those who count in the publishing industry and set standards of its own as a proprietary authority on Sharmas own consultancy firm and its processes.

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