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The Greatness Guide

By: Robin Sharma

The Greatness Guide is a self-improvement book, written by the renowned leadership guru Robin Sharma.

Summary Of The Book

Robin Sharma, a self-help and leadership consultant to many high profile organizations across the world, shows that the capacity for greatness lies within each person, in this book, The Greatness Guide.

The book shows readers that the change for the better they want to see in the world should start within themselves. As he says, the only person that one can possibly ...change is oneself. Then, the positive changes in a person begin to rub off on the others around them, extending the influence and effecting the change.

The book has 101 chapters, each dealing with an aspect of personality or a trait that can be learnt or changed. The author shows through anecdotes from the lives of famous personalities and from his own personal experiences, the ways one can take the steps towards greatness.

The book contains many ideas and suggestions that can be incorporated into ones life to change it for the better. It teaches lessons through many different methods, using the inspirational aspects of the lives of famous people and some common guiding principles that can affect ones life.

The Greatness Guide highlights some good personal traits of successful people, and some great ideas to turn setbacks into opportunities. It contains strategies to bring about changes in an organization that can put it on the path to greatness.

The author also shows how to attract wealth along with true happiness. He also shows tactics to achieve peak performance, and achieve a good work-life balance. He explains ways to increase energy levels and to improve overall health.

The Greatness Guide is a simple manual to improve the general quality of life in all aspects, to improve oneself and to bring about effective change in ones personal and professional life.

Book Details

  • Author: Robin Sharma
  • Language: English
  • Published on: 2006
  • Publisher: JAICO
  • ISBN10: 0061229881
  • ISBN13: 9780061229886
  • Age Group: 15 & Above

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