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Veronika Decides To Die

By: Paulo Coelho

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Veronika Decides to die is a story about a young girl, Veronika, who has everything that a girl could think of in life, but still feels like there is something missing. This disturbs her and makes her feel like there is a void in her that is almost impossible to fill. She, therefore, decides to die.

Summary of the Book

Veronika has everything that a young woman can think of having, but still isnt satisfied with this as she feels a void within her. As she feels that nothing can fill this void s...he decides one fine day that she is going to die and consumes several sleeping pills. While she is surprised to find herself still alive when she wakes up in a local mental hospital, she is told that her wish to die will come true in a matter of days as the overdose on the pills has caused irreparable damage to her heart. However, it is in these last few days of life that Veronika starts to actually appreciate things around her. She starts to feel things that she has never felt before like: love, fear, hatred, sexual awakening and curiosity.

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