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Manuscript Found in Accra

By: Paulo Coelho

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The Manuscript Found in Accra is about an ancient manuscript, almost around 700 years old. The book is a narrated by an English man who translates the document, which was first found in Cairo. Brimming with knowledge, the manuscript was recorded by a wise man who was always present around the Copt.

The Manuscript Found in Accra goes back to the time of the invasion of Jerusalem by European crusaders. The wise man is there to answer all the questions asked by the locals of Jerusalem, as they gat...hered around the Copt who are threatened by the invaders.

The Copt, in return, offers comfort and hope to the people around him. He asks the people to concentrate on everyday life, asking what bothers them and what will bother them even after the invaders leave. The Manuscript Found in Accra is a set of questions and answers about love, loyalty, fear, loss, courage, anxiety, miracles, beauty, solitude, success and all the related emotional difficulties faced by people.

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