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The Quest For Paradise

By: Geronimo Stilton Series: Geronimo Stilton Series

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he Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy (The Quest for Paradise) is a sequel to the 1st edition in the series of Geronimo Stilton. It is a 320 page adventure book full of colourful images. In this story, the Queen of the Fairies persuades Geronimo to come back to the fantasy world to help in the hunt for the 'true heart of happiness’. Geronimo’s ride, in this edition, is the 'wings of a rainbow-coloured dragon’ on which he journeys through 7 fantasy worlds. He embarks on an expedition, which t...akes him to the land of sweets as well as the land of fairytales. It’s an interesting and unforgettable journey for him. This book is basically a work of pure fiction and imagination. Though the target audience of this edition are the juveniles, the fiction world draws and attracts people of all ages towards it, so the book is a good read for children as well as adults. The book is currently available on Amazon India. About the author: Elisabetta Dami is an Italian author who is famous for her children books and is the daughter of renowned publisher Piero Dami. Her most famous work is the Geronimo Stilton book series that has given her widespread fame. She gives the credit of the series to Geronimo Stilton who is a best-selling author and simultaneously works as a journalist and editor for the fiction newspaper The Rodent’s Gazette.

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