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STAR FIGHTERS 4-Crash Landing
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STAR FIGHTERS 4-Crash Landing

By: Max Chase Series: Star Fighters

Children & Teens Comics & Graphic Novels
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It is the year 5012 and the Milky Way galaxy is under attack. After the Universal War, a war that almost brought about the destruction of every known universe, the planets in the Milky Way banded together to create the Intergalactic Force - an elite fighting team sworn to protect and defend the galaxy. Only the brightest and most promising students are accepted into the Intergalactic Force Academy, and only the very best cadets reach the highest of their ranks and become . . . STAR FIGHTERS!

...Crash Landing
Peri and Diesel have succeeded in rescuing fellow crew member Selene, but now the Phoenix is under fire from not one but two alien armies - Xion and Meigwor. Whilst trying to escape the cross-fire they are sucked into the atmosphere of a mysterious planet. They survive the crash-landing unscathed, but now they must face the inhabitants of the planet. . . who aren't pleased to have visitors.

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