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Are You Fully Charged?

By: Tom Rath

Tom Rath, author of five influential bestsellers, reveals the three keys that matter most for our daily health and wellbeing, as well as our engagement in our work. Drawing on the latest and most practical research from health, psychology, and economics, this book focuses on changes we can make to create better days for ourselves and others. Are You Fully Charged? will challenge you to stop pursuing happiness and start creating meaning instead, lead you to rethink your daily interactions with th...e people who matter most, and show you how to put your own health first in order to be your best every day.

Book Details

  • Author: Tom Rath
  • Language: English
  • Published on: 2015
  • Publisher: Missionday
  • ISBN10: 1939714060
  • ISBN13: 9781939714060
  • Age Group: 14 and above

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