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Stardust: Believe in Magic

By: Linda Chapman Series: Stardust by Linda Chapman

Children & Teens Comics & Graphic Novels
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The first of four books about friendships, family relationships - and the Stardust Factor, weaving fantasty seamlessly into the every day world.

Lucy Evans is an ordinary ten-year-old who lives in Devon with two older sisters, a mum who is a teacher and a dad who is a solicitor. Her life is just like any other ten-year-old's, until the day she makes friends with Allegra and discovers she is a Stardust spirit.

The world of the Stardust spirits is exciting but unpredictable, dangerous but en...dlessly fascinating. Lucy has to learn its rules and look for answers, facing many of the dilemmas and anxieties that ten-year-olds face in real life.

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