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The Piper’s Sons

By: Bruce Fergusson

Fiction Horror & Ghosts
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Seattle carpenter Paul Sinclair is a man haunted.

Haunted by the disappearance of his brother many years ago.

Haunted by the death of his young daughter.

Haunted by something he senses just beyond his vision—a presence lurking around the shadowy edges of his life.

But he cannot begin to fathom the evil that surrounds him.

A stunning fiction debut—both a shocking thriller and a complex novel of the bond between fathers and sons. What would you do if you discovered you were adop...ted...and that your biological father was a serial killer? Paul Sinclair’s real father is the Pied Piper, a mass murderer never caught but presumed dead. Now, decades after his disappearance, it seems the Piper is back...and has a new, even more chilling agenda, an agenda that draws him closer to Paul, to Paul’s wife, Ellie, and to their son, Michael. Events unfold quickly and Paul becomes caught up in something far beyond his control. Ellie sees his increasingly erratic behavior as obsessive and dangerous, and even Paul starts to doubt himself. All of the threads of the novel come together in the unforgettable final struggle between hunter and hunted on the wreck of a World War II freighter run aground on an island north of Seattle. Terrifying and inventive, The Piper’s Sons breaks new ground in psychological suspense.

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