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Chicken Soup For The Indian Soul Celebrating Brothers & Sisters

By: Jack Canfield Series: Chicken Soup For The Indian Soul

Siblings are the perfect introduction to the big, bad - but mostly good! - world waiting to teach you a lesson or two. Loving, but not as indulgent as parents, quick to grab an opportunity to teach you your place in the family echelon, quicker to beg you for unearned favours and, at the end of it all, your first shelter in a storm. There is no other relationship quite like it. Rivalry, camaraderie, jealousy, love and support ... you can find all these in the bond that young people who have been ...brought up together share. Honouring this unique relationship is?Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul: Celebrating Brothers ; Sisters,?filled with heartfelt stories.Whether its the big brother who bullies you, or the annoying younger sis who makes off with your newest clothes, you are as certain of your importance to them as they are major figures in your life. For its your sibling who influences you most in the growing-up years: teaching you to face up to the schoolyard terror; providing wise (and usually unasked for) counsel at the beginning of your first crush - and picking you up from the ruins of a break-up; even refusing to reveal your confidences to parents or friends.Whether you share a special connection with someone through genetics or the heart, its great to have a companion for life.

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