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The Rainbow Magic book series is a widely popular series of childrens fiction and fairy tales. It is written by a group of four writers, Sue Bentley, Narinder Dhami, Linda Chapman, and Sue Mongregien, under the common pseudonym of Daisy Meadows. The series features humans and fairies as the main characters. After the release of its first book in 2003, the authors have added more than 200 books so far. The series is actually a parent series of several sets of fairy books and special edition volumes. They include The Rainbow Fairies, The Weather Fairies, The Jewel Fairies, The Party Fairies, The Ocean Fairies, Fun Day Fairies, Pet Keeper Fairies, Petal Fairies, Dance Fairies, Sporty Fairies, Music Fairies, Green Fairies, Twilight Fairies, Princess Fairies, etc. This series is owned by the Hit Entertainment, and its books are published under the banner of Orchard Books. In the entire series, the authors have depicted the life stories of the two main human characters, Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate, as they undergo numerous magical adventures along with a number of fairy friends. Due to the vast number of ideas with each of the 4 authors for writing the stories, they decided to publish them under a collective pen name. Hence, they came up with the name Daisy Meadows as the name of the author to feature on the books covers.

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