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Thailibhar Goshti

By: Sudha Murthy,Leena Sohoni

Anuvadit Anuvadit Kathasangrah
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It is through different stories that all sort of people come to meet us, people whom we won`t be meeting otherwise in our life. These are right from the kings and queens, princes and princesses, their palaces, the misers, the poorest of all, the wisest of all, the wittiest of all, the stupidest of all, mysterious people to the majestic experiences. In one story we meet a very intelligent princess who wants a more intelligent husband, so she allows the eager would be husbands to ask her 9 questio...ns each, at the end she meets someone who is dashing and more intelligent than her. In another story, an orphan child punishes his wicked uncle; in one story a drum helps the old couple to come out of a disaster. Some of these stories were told to Sudha Murthy, by her grandparents when she herself was a kid, some of the stories were heard during her voyages around the world and some of the stories are the result of her innovative mind. For ages, all these stories were lingering in her mind. She had been telling them to all the young minds who had come in her life. This is for the first time that she has penned them down and made them available to all.

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