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The Invisible Man

By: H. G. Wells

Children & Teens Fantasy, Science & Horror
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Pursuer, pursued. On a cold day in february, a stranger arrives in the village of Iping. He wears gloves and dark glasses, even inside and his face is covered in bandages. Soon crimes occur that cannot be explained and the townspeople realize the unthinkable truth: the strange man is invisible and he is slowly going mad. The Invisible Man is a dangerous enemy who must be stopped but if no one can see him, how can he be caught?...

Book Details

  • Author: H. G. Wells
  • Language: English
  • Published on: 1997
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • ISBN10: 9780439574273
  • ISBN13: 9780439574273
  • Age Group: 15 & Above

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