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By: V. P. Kale

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"I care more for the shadow a tree casts on us. It is true that if we cut the tree, we will gain a lot of money by selling the wood, but we will be benefitted more by its shadows for generations to come. It is many times valuable than the money we might get from one time sell of the wood.'

"Vapurvai' this title is based on the Marathi word Apurvai, which means novel, or something unprecedented. Va Pu proves true to it. All his stories attract the readers with their simplicity; there is not just... one quality of his writing which captivates a mind. It is a combination of many good things under one roof, or on one page. He captures the beauty of all the incidents in his superb style. He reveals the secrets of the routines. He finds the very uniqueness in every character, under every or any circumstances. Life is full of different phases; those of sorrow, happiness, struggle, brooding, and many more. Va Pu handles them all with equal capacity revealing the beauty for us, and conquering our minds once again; as always.

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