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By: V. P. Kale

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We all have a gift of thinking and expressing, few of us have the capacity of putting thoughts into words, but the capability to express correctly and effectively is possessed rarely; Va Pu is one of such rare people. He is the most famous, loved and sought-after writer in the history of Marathi literature. A writer always has a store of experiences within him, eager to come out; awaiting a vent. Not all of them are put into words. Yet, many of these experiences meet us as stories or dramas or p...oetry or novel; some or the other form of literature.

Sometimes, some experiences refuse to appear in the recognized forms; but the urge to appear compels them to come out in some aesthetic form, innovative in presentation, unique in style, exclusive in nature. The work included under this title "Nimitta' which means stimulus comes under the above mentioned criteria. They all bear the salient features of Va Pu's writings. They have certainly added to the treasure of Marathi literature highlighting him as a prominent author.

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