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By: V. P. Kale

Fiction General Fiction
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In some of the 'raga' some keynotes are strictly not excluded, not because they are not suitable; on the contrary they are ; excluded to make the 'raga' more beautiful, they are; excluded willingly to give a peculiarity and while doing so their existence is not forgotten at all, only it is avoided. That is the reason why my husband cannot fit into your life and memories and why we both cannot fit into each other's lives." Va Pu has a very peculiar and unique style to handle difficult things in t...he most simple manner, revealing the harsh and hard cores of truths in a very easy style, untangling the knots smoothly yet firmly and successfully.

The success of his stories lies in the selection of the moments. These same moments are witnessed by many but it takes a very sensitive mind to put them into words, needless to say that only Va Pu has the capacity, he gives such strength and dimensions to these moments that they glow in themselves, they make us think, inspect ourselves, contemplate over them. It is his style and freshness with which he sees life, his hopeful and magnanimousness which makes each story a unique piece of life dawdling in our minds hours later.

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