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Brainsteering-A Better Approach to Breakthrough Ideas

By: Kevin P Coyne, Shawn T Coyne

[The Coynes] logical thinking exercises will help readers to maximize their ideation skills, both by systematically exploring every possible nook and cranny of an issue to find new ideas, and by systematically evaluating and honing the results. Publishers Weekly

From business strategists (and brothers) Shawn and Kevin Coyne comes a breakthrough approach to developing better ideas.??Brainsteering?is a comprehensive, research-based, tried-and-tested approach to the principal challenge in busines...s and life: how to consistently and effectively create powerful new ideas.?Brainsteering?offers a way out of fruitless brainstorming sessions. In the tradition of the Heath Brothers?Made to Stick?and Gordon Mackenzies?Orbiting Giant Hairball, the Coynes deliver the surest path to success for anyone looking to unlock the secrets of innovation.

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