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Soups and Salads

By: Tarla Dalal

Non Fiction Cooking, Food & Wine
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Do you think Soups and Salads are boring? We'll make you think again. Tarla Dalal shares with you her Salad secrets, along with delicious creations guaranteed to please even the most fastidious palates. This book shows you how to make delicious vegetarian soups ranging from the clear soups to creamy purees and chunky vegetable soups. The salad range includes favourites from the world over, complete with a section of delicious vegetarian salad dressings. Some of the recipes included in this book ...are: Corn Chowder, Cheese Hot Pot, Hara Nariel Ka Shorba, Bean Soup, Gado Gado, Florida Salad, Beetroot and Dill Salad, French Beans with Sesame Seeds, Mango Dressing, Creamy Mayonnaise, Low Calorie Dressing and many more.

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