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Swadisht Subzian

By: Tarla Dalal

Non Fiction Cooking, Food & Wine
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Very often the taste, colour, texture and appearance of the same subzi changes from state to state. The essence of Indian cooking revolves around the use of spices. Spices, used to enhance the flavour of the subzi, serve both as appetizers and digestives and are a fundamental part of food preparation. Correct use and blending of the aromatic spices is crucial to the proper preparation of Indian subzian. Even oil is an important part of cooking, whether it's mustard oil in the north or coconut oi...l in the south, each section of the country has its preferences. Milk products like ghee, curd and paneer too form one of the main ingredients of Indian cooking. The same vegetable like aloo can be cooked in ghee and tomato or in dahi and will result in two different and delicious subzian. Across regions, our subzian can be subtly spiced or chilli-hot, succulent vegetarian, pungent, savoury or cloyingly sweet, simply baked or simmered in rich sauces of curd and coconut. This book covers delicious preparation of subzis and rotis from different regions of India.

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